• 12Oct

    REPORT ON THE “INTERNATIONAL NOAH AND JUDI MOUNTAIN SYMPOSIUM” – SIRNAK, TURKEY Gordon Franz Introduction The “International Noah and Judi Mountain” symposium was held in Sirnak, Turkey, under the auspices of Sirnak University. One of the purposes of this conference was to set forth the case for Cudi Dagh, the mountain just to the south […]

  • 04Oct

    Gordon Franz Introduction In Tractate Sanhedrin, Rabbi Papa (ca. AD 300-375) recounts a story about Sennacherib, king of Assyria, finding a piece of wood from Noah’s Ark. It states: “He [Sennacherib] then went away and found a plank of Noah’s ark. ‘This’, said he, ‘must be the great God who saved Noah from the flood. […]

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  • 07Feb

    The Unsolved Mystery of Noah’s Ark. By Mary Irwin.  Bloomington, IN: WestBow Press, 2012, xv+117pp., $11.95 paper. Reviewed by Gordon Franz and Bill Crouse Mary Irwin, the wife of the late moon-walking astronaut, Jim Irwin, has written a book about their adventures on Mount Ararat and the search for Noah’s Ark. This book was prompted […]

  • 30Apr

    by Bill Crouse and Gordon Franz The discovery of Noah’s Ark was announced last Sunday (4/24/10) by a Chinese organization from Hong Kong (Noah’s Ark Ministries, International).  The problem with this is that it seems like the “discovery” of Noah’s Ark is getting to be almost an annual event.  What in the world is going […]

  • 17Apr

    By Gordon Franz The recent reputed discovery of Noah’s Ark by the BASE Institute has gotten a great deal of airtime as well as publicity on the Internet.  There are, however, some excellent reviews that critique the claim that Noah’s Ark landed in Iran.  Three such reviews should be noted: the first is a well […]